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Resource riches, an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit, innovative research, major industry-leading employers and a rapidly growing population help drive Grande Prairie’s thriving commercial growth.

The city of Grande Prairie is the hub of commerce in the region, with an expected population increase averaging 2.5% in the next 10 years, nearly doubling the provincial average. The regions average household income is $104,502, a figure higher than both the national and provincial averages.

Within the city of Grande Prairie, consumer spending is highest in grocery and drug; coffee, café, and fast food; full-service restaurants; and professional and financial services. Baby boomers spend the most in nearly all retail categories within Grande Prairie, spending less only in entertainment, fitness and day spa, pet supplies and services, specialty retail, and sporting goods. The younger age cohorts (18-34 years, and 35-54 years) would like to see more offerings to increase spending.

The region’s trade area has over 290,000 residents who spent $4.7 billion in 2018. The population of this trade area is projected to reach at least 325,000 in the next decade.  While some of this growth is due to inflation, higher wages and greater job opportunities have contributed to a notable rise in consumer confidence in the province.


Retail Market Analysis Summary

Download the PDF for more details about the commercial opportunities in the County of Grande Prairie.


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Top Retail Categories in Demand By Shoppers:

Source: Environics Analytics 2013 and Cushing Terrell MofE - Commerce-Top-Retail-Categories

Canamex Trade Corridor



Average Houshold Income:

Source: Environics Analytics 2013 and Cushing Terrell Commerce-Chart

Regional Leaders



 The County of Grande Prairie Retail Market Analysis Summary

The County of Grande Prairie commissioned Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. December 2014 to conduct a Retail Market Analysis for the County’s retail sector. Download the PDF for more details about the commercial opportunities in the County of Grande Prairie.


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