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    Christopher King, Ec.D.

    Economic Development Manager

    About Christopher King, Ec.D.

    A dedicated Economic Development Professional, I am passionate about Community Economic Development. My objective is to use the strengths derived from my diverse background to help improve quality of life for my community through the work I do with businesses from new investment, expansion and growth.

    As Economic Development officer for the County of Grande Prairie, I can be your first point of contact for exploring opportunity in the region.  I am dedicated to promoting development and the growth of businesses within the County of Grande Prairie, focusing on Investment Attraction, Business Retention and Expansion, and Tourism. Currently the County is looking to expand our residential development into medium and high density developments as well as commercial development. We are looking for projects that combine both high density condos and commercial development. There is the possibility of a new mall development as well. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

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    Hetti Huls

    Economic Development Officer

    About Hetti Huls

    Growing up in the Grande Prairie region I have observed an abundance of growth through the years. My goal is to help improve the quality of life for my community, through business investment and attraction, business development, and tourism.

    As an Economic Development Coordinator for the County of Grande Prairie, I will be working closely with the team to ensure that up to date information is available for various opportunities. I am enthusiastic about developing and promoting the County of Grande Prairie, for sustainable growth for the well-being of the region. We are looking for expansion in our residential and commercial development.

    If you would like to learn more about the various opportunities for you within the “Middle of Everywhere” please contact us.

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    Ainsley Miller

    Economic Development Officer and Investment Attraction Specialist

    About Ainsley Miller

    As a seasoned world traveler, Ainsley Miller has made the choice to call The County of Grande Prairie her home thanks to its abundant opportunities to work, volunteer and raise her family. Ainsley offers a unique passion for the North and for tourism in her role as Economic Development Officer and Investment Attraction Specialist, feeling personally invested in The County of Grande Prairie’s success. She recognizes that successful economic development involves long term planning, goal-setting and forming lasting relationships.

    With a 50-year Growth and Economic Development Strategy in hand, Ainsley and her colleagues recognize and attract major players and investors to The County’s versatile economy, its diverse natural resource sectors (agriculture, forestry and energy), its interconnected local business network and its existing high quality of life for residents.

    For Ainsley, sustainable, prosperous and safe communities provide people with opportunities to discover the life that they want to live, through their choice of work, education or leisure activities.

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