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Growth and Economic Development Strategy

The County of Grande Prairie has approved the Growth and Economic Development Strategy. This strategy provides a road map for attracting new investment and ensuring long-term sustainable growth.  The Growth and Economic Development Strategy will also provide a framework for how land in the County can be best utilized to create additional economic opportunities.  For an overview of the Strategy please refer to the executive summary [PDF – 6.2 MB] or to view the full report, refer to the complete strategy [PDF – 65.2 MB].”

Welcome to the County

The County of Grande Prairie is ripe for continued economic development. Strategically located in Alberta’s vibrant Peace Region, the County serves the industrial, commercial and residential needs of Northwestern Alberta. The region’s strong economic generators contribute significantly to Alberta’s vibrant ‘open-for-business’ economy and success in the global marketplace.


As part of the larger Grande Prairie region, the County benefits from young, affluent demographics, regional strengths and policies such as no provincial sales tax and low municipal tax, and high levels of service. When combined with world class infrastructure, good work force availability, and opportunities for continued growth, the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 provides the ideal setting for additional development.

Room to Grow

The County of Grande Prairie is located in a resource-rich part of Alberta and Canada and serves four key industry sectors: Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, and Commerce.

A large selection of industrial/business parks, as well as large sites for heavy industrial areas, are available in various sizes and levels of service, from completely serviced to non serviced, and many include rail and major highway access.


If you’re interested in learning more or arranging a site vist, the County of Grande Prairie’s Economic Development Office would be pleased to provide further information regarding business development opportunities in one of the fastest growing and vibrant economic regions in Canada.

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Local Market Data

Get current data about our local market, including the business climate, industry trends, demographics, competition, land use, environment, workforce, and so much more.

Local Market Data



As a central hub of Alberta and Northern B.C.’s traditional oil and gas industry, the County of Grande Prairie is set up to meet the needs of heavy industry and large-scale projects, including modern divided highways, rail access, flexible zoning bylaws, and robust telecommunications, even out in the field.

The County and surrounding areas comprise a key regional service center and are home to many major oil and gas regional headquarters and oilfield service firms.



The Peace Region is one of the top two Alberta regions for the production of forest products, first for employment in the forestry sector, and is the leading producer of pulp, paper and panelboard. Two major Forestry Management Agreements within the Peace Region cover nearly two million hectares of land, with over 1.3 million hectares of harvesting land, and are held by Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd and Canadian Forest Products Ltd (Canfor).



The Peace Region is home to the northernmost agricultural industry in the world, and boasts a unique combination of northern climate, fertile soil, and a watershed fed by glacial runoff. The region has long been renowned for its crop production, from the vibrantly yellow fields of canola, award winning wheat, to the more unique Haskap berry orchards producing ice ciders and cold climate wines.



The County is the central commercial hub for the Peace Region, with a total trade area to 290,000 residents within a 200km radius.  The County’s median annual income is $133,955, a figure higher than both the national and provincial averages and 35% of residents earn over $125,000 per year.

As a strategic regional hub for retail, industrial trade and commerce, Grande Prairie is a lucritive market for local and multi-national retailers that do not frequently locate in similar-sized cities, including Costco, Walmart and Best Buy.







Resource riches, an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit, innovative research, major industry-leading employers and a rapidly growing population help drive Grande Prairie’s thriving economic growth.



Annually, the region hosts some of the world’s brightest business and innovation leaders who join prominent local experts to speak and share knowledge at the annual Growing the North conference held in the County of Grande Prairie.



New ideas are nourished and protected at Grande Prairie Regional College’s Centre for Research and Innovation, which offers a slew of services to support R&D in the region, including accessible patent help and technology commercialization services for entrepreneurs and businesses.


Entrepreneurial Capital

In 2012, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business ranked Grande Prairie as the number one entrepreneurial city in Canada for the third straight year. It beat out 103 cities across the nation and was awarded top scores in the criteria of business outlook and business owners per capita.


Small Business Hotbed

In 2011, Grande Prairie was named the best community for small business in the province by Alberta Venture Magazine, citing the relatively low cost of retail space ($16 per sq. ft.) as well as an entrepreneurial spirit that equates to a surprising 12.81 per cent of the city’s employed residents working as their own boss.


Thriving Chamber

The Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce is the second largest chamber of commerce in Alberta, despite Grande Prairie being only the seventh largest city. With over 1300 members, the Chamber hosts dozens of networking events each year and works hand in hand with various levels of government to keep business thriving in the region.


Major Employers

Based on employment figures, the region’s largest industries are forestry, oil and gas, retail trade, and construction, each accounting for between 12% and 13% of total employment. The fastest-growing industry between 2006 and 2010 was the construction sector. The region is the province’s largest producer of natural gas and conventional crude oil.

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Economic Development Team

  • Testimonial

    Christopher King, Ec.D.

    Economic Development Officer

    About Christopher King, Ec.D.

    A dedicated Economic Development Professional, I am passionate about Community Economic Development. My objective is to use the strengths derived from my diverse background to help improve quality of life for my community through the work I do with businesses from new investment, expansion and growth.

    As Economic Development officer for the County of Grande Prairie, I can be your first point of contact for exploring opportunity in the region.  I am dedicated to promoting development and the growth of businesses within the County of Grande Prairie, focusing on Investment Attraction, Business Retention and Expansion, and Tourism. Currently the County is looking to expand our residential development into medium and high density developments as well as commercial development. We are looking for projects that combine both high density condos and commercial development. There is the possibility of a new mall development as well. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

  • Testimonial

    Hetti Huls

    Economic Development Coordinator

    About Hetti Huls

    Growing up in the Grande Prairie region I have observed an abundance of growth through the years. My goal is to help improve the quality of life for my community, through business investment and attraction, business development, and tourism.

    As an Economic Development Coordinator for the County of Grande Prairie, I will be working closely with the team to ensure that up to date information is available for various opportunities. I am enthusiastic about developing and promoting the County of Grande Prairie, for sustainable growth for the well-being of the region. We are looking for expansion in our residential and commercial development.

    If you would like to learn more about the various opportunities for you within the “Middle of Everywhere” please contact us.



 The County of Grande Prairie Retail Market Analysis Summary

The County of Grande Prairie commissioned Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. December 2014 to conduct a Retail Market Analysis for the County’s retail sector. Download the PDF for more details about the commercial opportunities in the County of Grande Prairie.


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