The Clairmont Story

As one of the nine districts in the County of Grande Prairie, the Community of Clairmont benefits from the same market strengths from a diverse set of industries, including agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, transportation, and service. Unlike many other regions in the Province of Alberta, Oil and Gas represents a relatively small portion of Clairmont’s overall employment income – about 18% of its total – making Clairmont and the County of Grande Prairie less susceptible to resource market fluctuations.

The majority of development and increased population within the County has occurred in the Clairmont area. The Town Administrative Office, Fire Hall, EMS Station, two facilities maintenance shops, and two new schools are all located here. Furthermore, the County and Clairmont present a larger and more enabled labour force, demonstrated through its populations’ median age of 34.7 years old. Clairmont also has an average total household income of $100,000, which is consistent with the provincial average. However, a valuable trend shows approximately 24.7% of the households earn over $125,000.

Clairmont Heights Virtual Tour

The Clairmont Heights Project

The proposed Clairmont Heights is an exceptionally well planned, ground up, new greenfield town development – currently the only one underway within North America. Over the past several years, input from all affected stakeholders and consulting professionals have determined the most suitable approach to build-out the over 1,200 acres of land that will encompass the new community. Once completed, there is a projected population of over 20,000 residents. The densified town core will occupy +/- 58 acres, not including roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, with a blend of high and low-rise buildings, with up to a maximum of 10 stories.Surrounding this will be 1000+ acres of medium density and single family residential houses interspersed with local retail.

Current plans for the town core estimate that approximately 1.4 million square feet will be built out for high-density apartment/condominium residential use and approximately an additional 550,000 square feet for commercial/retail use. The total combined build out construction cost for these two products will be $396 million CAD. This number is based on current average construction value of $237.50 per sqft for residential and $110 per sqft for commercial retail. The per sqft value for commercial/retail does not include any tenant improvements, levies, fees or soft costs and is only representative of the base building construction hard cost. With an estimated market absorption over the next 15- 20 years of both products. Furthermore, the County of Grande Prairie and Clairmont currently do not have any Development Cost Charges.

Proposed Clairmont Heights

The majority of development and increased population within the County has transpired in the Clairmont area. The Town Administrative Office, Fire Hall, EMS, two Facilities Maintenance shops and the recent addition of two new schools are all located here. Accordingly, politicians, and the community, have decided it is now time to create a central town core. This is the basis for developing the proposed Clairmont Heights, an innovative Master Plan community, which offers a wide range of housing choices, local retail shops, services, and public amenities such as interconnected trails and green spaces with access to Clairmont Lake.

Clairmont Lake is one of the main natural assets for the area and its adjacent lands will be used efficiently to promote higher density. The new village core will be directly connected to Highway 2 by way of a newly constructed, pedestrian-friendly, Parkway and the existing Township Road 730. Both intersections are controlled. The Parkway and the necessary infrastructure work will commence spring of 2017. For further information on the proposed Clairmont Heights, please refer to the Clairmont Heights Economic Development Brochure.

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