County of Grande Prairie Certified Site Program

What is the Certified Site Program? The County of Grande Prairie fully vets available properties located in the County to ensure development viability through zoning permits and available services to each site, breaking down common development barriers and frustrations.

We have an extensive list of development-ready sites, covering all your business needs. Additionally, we keep an inventory of investment-ready sites, streamlining development timelines and costs to match your project requirements.

Our main goal is to simplify your decision-making process by providing you with vetted and readily available sites that best suit your new investment venture.

Count on our dedicated team of site professionals, utilizing their expertise and wide connections across The County of Grande Prairie, as they guide you throughout this process, ensuring a smooth and successful investment journey.

Choose The County of Grande Prairie as your ultimate investment destination and explore a world of endless possibilities.

The County of Grande Prairie Certified Industrial Site Program focuses on pre-qualifying industrial properties primed for development and ready for investment. By completing proactive due diligence in advance and confirming site viability, Certified Sites make the decision-making process easier and faster for site selectors. The program provides a certified site designation to properties that fulfil predetermined program requirements. The factors chosen were validated with input from local real estate professionals and economic development staff and builds off the success of other select state and provincial certified site programs particularly the approach used by the Province of Ontario. The factors consist of a wide variety of screening categories, including ownership, land type and permitted use, and infrastructure availability and development constraints.

The sites demonstrate development viability and make the decision-making process easier for investors. Certified Sites minimize risk, build investor confidence and streamline the sales process.

Map of County Certified Sites

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A Property with an Investment Ready: Certified Site designation means the County of Grande Prairie has received from the site owner or representatives’ assessments and other site related information required under the Investment Ready: Certified Site Program. The County has not verified the information and prospective purchasers, lessors and others should conduct their own usual due diligence and make such enquiries as they deem necessary before purchasing, leasing or otherwise investing in the subject site. Prospective purchasers, lessors and other interested in the subject site should check existing laws and regulations to confirm that this particular property is suitable for their intended purpose or use and what permits, approvals and consultations, including with aboriginal communities, are required in order to develop such property, as well as any costs associated with such development. This document, including all related photographs, is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide investment advice. Reliance upon any information shall be at the user’s sole risk. All information should be verified independently before being used or relied upon. The County of Grande Prairie does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of this information; and assumes no obligation to update this information or advise on further developments. The County of Grande Prairie disclaims any liability for unauthorized use or reproduction of any information contained in this document and is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages or any other damages caused, arising out of or in connection with use of this information. The County of Grande Prairie is not acting as a real estate broker or agent for any party in connection with any of the properties described on this website.